What’s Racing at Wanneroo Raceway this March

Home of Perth motorsports, Wanneroo Raceway has a long history of catering to open-wheelers, drifters, and road bikes since 1969. Year-round, supercars hit the course, and state and national races are held here, too.

With drivers of all ages continuously joining car racing, Wanneroo Raceway is a perfect venue to test your speed, and who knows… maybe even follow the tracks of the likes of Daniel Ricciardo, Garth Tander, and Australia’s nine-time time Formula One Grand Prix winner, Mark Webber.

If you’re a racer or just an enthusiast looking for an adrenaline rush, check out what’s racing at Wanneroo Raceway this March! 

Recreational Motorcycle Ride Day | March 1  

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned rider looking for just a leisure ride day away from the hazards of public roads, this Ride Day set on March 1st is perfect for you. 

Racers like you will get to choose from groups of riders categorized based on levels, experience, and ability. For an Entry Level rider, the Induction Group will welcome you with Rider Training throughout the day to help you gain confidence and skills that will help you integrate with the other levels later on. Once ready to ride at a casual pace, you’ll now be in with the Formula Group; a level higher is the Corsa Group. For the most-skilled riders with dedicated track experience, the FX group will be your go. 

If you want to join, make sure to enter the event before 28th February, Sunday, and be sure to have a RACERS Clubman Licence or an annual license with you. 

Hill Climb | March 6

You may not be able to conquer the mountains at the moment, but you can certainly climb a hill and win the top place. At Jack’s Hill Climb Wanneroo Raceway, you’ll ascend up the all-asphalt layout to reach the top and complete the track the fastest. 

There will be a low-speed sighting run and un-timed practice run to test the track variety before the full four-timed runs. 

To join, you will be required to have a Motorsport Speed license and membership to any club affiliated with MotorSport Australia. For more information and to enter the competition, click here

Sprint | March 13 

Test your skills around the Main Circuit track with the Sprint Series, held on March 13. With three different classes to enter, you’ll be racing against 10 cars all aiming to win in the 5-lap race. 

So, tighten your grip and make sure to get the fastest personal lap time to win in the competition. To compete for the State Speed Series Championships, don’t forget to directly register with the series and comply with the Vehicle Compliance Self-Statement and Self-Scrutiny Checklist. 

Infinite Time Attack Track Night | March 18

If the day is sweaty and hot for you down the Main Circuit, then sign up to race on a Thursday evening for the Infinite track event on March 18th. This race will include drivers of all levels and experience with races set to help out one another to continuously improve at time attack style racing.

Once you’re done signing-up, bring your car down the raceway and professional instructors will be available on-site to guide and advise you on your performance during the evening.  

Point2Point | March 20

Start at Point A and make sure to finish at Point B the fastest in this Point2Point Series, kicking off on March 20 at 4 PM. Unlike the other events at Wanneroo Raceway, this race will get you to drive not just in the Main Circuit, but also in the Infield pit areas and pitlanes. 

There will be two categories to choose from for your adrenaline thirst – the Sprint category and the ShootOut category where you’ll estimate the time you expect yourself to finish the race and this will be compared against your actual time. To determine the winner, the difference between your actual time over-all in the four-run race will be subtracted. 


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