Perth Quad: The City’s Outdoor Adventure on the Go

Your outdoor activities don’t have to be boxed to only hiking and bushwalking. You can bring these rather regular activities to a whole new level with more thrilling quad-biking, motor crossing, and sandboarding adventures. And, with a new track and journey to try, Perth Quad will be your ultimate guide either down the Pinjar Motorcycle area or Lancelin Sand Dunes. 

Perth Quad is the city’s resident partner for off-road bike and buggy experience; they operate private tours with auto-sport quad bikes (also known as buggy) for thrill-seeking fun around Australia’s most stunning landscapes. 

If you don’t mind getting a bit dirty in the bush, gravel, mud, sand dunes, and red grounds, Perth Quads offers a new experience you must lock in. 

Pinjar Tours

​Only 35 minutes north of Perth CBD, you’ll find yourself at Pinjar Motorcycle Area where all the fun will begin. Jump on your quad bike and get ready for an adrenaline-pumped Quad Bike Adventure Tour. 

Let your mean sport quad bike rule the park as the Perth Quad guide leads you through all the twists, turns, jumps, and dips. If you have a kid with you, there’s an available Kid Quad Bike suitable for Age 8 and above, so you can ride on your Can-Am 250cc while your little one is also joining in on the fun.

Don’t worry about the helmet, quad bike, and sun cream, because Perth Quad has all the gear ready for you. Just bring your outdoor attire and your camera, ready to capture all the fun. 

Lancelin Tours

Speed down the sand dunes and get the blood pumping with Lancelin Tours. It’s another cross off your bucket list as you finally experience the thrill of sliding down the dunes by Quad, Motorbike, or Sandboard. For 2.5 hours, you’ll be riding through the spectacular views of Lancelin Sand Dunes whether on the buggy, Quad Bike, or motorbike.

The Quad Bikes and Motorbikes can all be hired as well if you don’t want to take the guided tour but still want to have fun and ride around the area. 

Workshop & Repairs 

If you have your own ATV / UTV, or dirt bike needing repair, diagnosis, or maintenance, Perth Quad also has its workshop ready to help you improve your performance on your track. 

Whether your brand is Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, Arctic Cat, or Can-Am, Perth Quad’s technicians are experts and with years of experience to properly repair your vehicle. The services offered at the workshop include Major Service, 1st and minor service; Engine Rebuilds; Tires and tubes, new and repairs; Suspension Service; CV Boots replacement; Valve Adjustments; and Accessories Installation. They also do Pick-up and delivery service for less-hassle maintenance from your end.


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