Looking to lose some of those silly season calories? Check out some of Perth’s best gyms!

Don’t feel guilty. Holidays are a time of indulging in desires and it’s okay if you “kind of accidentally” forgot that you are on a diet during those weeks of good times! 

“Moments in the Lips, Forever on the Hips —”  Excuse us, Amy Green, but we got Joey Tribbiani here and we sure do love curvy holidays. After all, we can always hit the gym and shed off that yuletide weight.

So, check the list below for some gym recommendations that could help you restore that toned body without the slightest trace of holiday hams and turkeys.

Anarchy Training Centre | 505 Newcastle West Perth, WA 6000


Anarchy Training Centre is more than just a gym. If you seek inclusive training to help you with your confidence, skill, health and wellness, Anarchy has energetic Group Classes and Personal Training Sessions to give you tough but surely enjoyable workouts.

At Anarchy Training Centre, you can join in on Beginners or Advanced boxing classes or, if you’re after a circuit-style workout, hit up their SAP (Strength and Agility) classes. The workouts are assisted by professional trainers with years and years of experience, so whether you are a professional athlete or a neophyte in your fitness journey, you’re guaranteed to be well taken care of. In case you are too tight to drop by to book your classes, just install the mind body app and you’ll be good to go.

Bike Bar | 755 Canning Highway | 273 Stirling Highway


A workout doesn’t have to be deadly serious and draining. In fact, one gets more motivated to work out when it is fun and inspiring. This is what Bike Bar stands for and this is where your road to fitness can also lead. 

Ride with Bike Bar and see your cardio routine get re-imagined. Here, you will jog, sprint, climb, and dance your way to a fitter version of yourself. With the minimalist style reception complete with premium amenities, fresh towels, mood lighting, and sweet tunes, you won’t even realize that you’re in a fitness studio and losing weight the healthy way. You can go home with free cycling kicks, too, so that’s surely a plus! 

Premium Lifestyle Club (PLC) | Osborne | Joondalup | Myaree


PLC is not just another gym around the metro. It’s one of Australia’s largest functional strength training franchises with locations across Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, Brisbane, and New South Wales. 

Founded just five years ago, PLC has grown to be one of the biggest names in the fitness industry, providing multiple types of fitness sessions and programs; starting from the Body Split and Plyo Sessions to Cardio, Machine, and Abs Sessions, name it and they have it all.  

Build lean muscles, tone up, and dramatically improve your fitness performance in PLC’s functional strength training combined with the traditional “functional training” guided by a Personal Coach who will support you with weekly check-ins, body scans, and nutritional guidance. At PLC, you won’t just do workout sessions, you’ll also get to work on a 28-day Goal Setting and learn a 28 meal recipe to ensure a healthy food diet. This is to ensure you that your fitness journey is holistically supported starting from physical training sessions to whatever is served on your plate.

Skill Athletic | 1/484 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park Wa 6100, Australia


Skill Athletic believes that we are all an athlete, so athletic training is a must and is suited for a fitness workout to grow and free this athlete within. 

Skill Athletic is Australia’s first boutique athletic studio, offering fitness classes and services that focus on Power, Agility, Speed, and Stamina — the Four Pillars that center on the journey against physical barriers and the Four Pillars that make an athlete. 

To help you review your progress and identify what needs toning and strengthening, Skill Athletic uses innovative Body Scan technology to render accurate readings and analysis of your performance. At Skill Athletic, you will be assisted even with your Meal Plans, so you can continue reaching your goal beyond the four corners of the gym. 

Skill Athletic also has an Infrared Sauna, so you don’t just get to sweat from the workout, you also get to unwind, relax, detox, and recover in the sauna afterward. 

And no, being a parent doesn’t mean you have to abandon your fitness lifestyle. Skill Athletic has a Creche where you can leave the kids to play and have fun while you focus on your fitness routines.

Bolt Fitness | 484 Albany Highway Victoria Park, WA, Australia 6100


Bolt in because BOLT Fitness is here to give your money back if you are not satisfied with your fitness results!

Unlike other group training facilities, BOLT Fitness empowers people through individualized fitness programs, which means giving you no unnecessary fillers, just the very things your body needs.

Mix Cardio, Bodyweight, and Lightweight exercises in the Bolt-Con Session to startup your fitness journey with some fresh and fun workout. Head on after to a high-intensity and full-body workout with the Bolt-Box to release some right, left, uppercut and jabs and elevate your heart rate without needing to step into the ring. There is also an Infrared Sauna to retire to in the day while your kids hang out in the Creche.

You can book your classes at BOLT Fitness through the BOLT Fitness App. 

The Clubhouse Sweat Studio | 1/124 Stirling Highway, North Fremantle, WA 6159


Before you get the body you aspire, you should always get ready to perspire. 

This is what you can expect from The Clubhouse Sweat Studio, a physical fitness center that offers athletic and unique movement training including High-intensity interval training, core, kettle-bell, and boxing — all, while you enjoy the stunning view of Leighton Beach below the location. 

Bobridge Cycle Studio | 225 Fitzgerald Street West Perth, Western Australia 6005


With a single membership option of just $10 per week, Bobdridge Cycle and Fitness Studio is indeed one of the most affordable gyms in Perth. 

With the said amount, you can take free classes 24/7 and get access to group fitness training and state of the art gym equipment. This includes premium toiletries, showers and towels, locker rooms, yoga mats and blocks, weight training gloves, free weights, barbells and bumper plates, suspended ropes, and battle ropes and pulleys. 

Members get free parking and you can also pay for membership in Bitcoin, so that’s a major plus. 

Bodies by Ryan | 1 Graylands Road, Claremont


We all desire a body chiseled like a demigod. And with Bodies by Ryan, sculpting such a body is their expertise. 

BRR is a training tribe that specializes in Body Transformations through varying classes along with Personal Training. Get a dose of Cardio from their HIIT gym and build your muscle and body composition through the Strength gym assisted by personal coaches.

Founded by Ryan Devereux, BRR offers different challenges that span a 30-day, 6 or 8 Weeks workout designed to fast track results from time after time. To make sure you get 1:1 attention and your form to be 100% on point, Personal training sessions can be booked and are recommended especially if you had any injuries. It’s also okay if you are still hesitant to commit, because BRR offers a free trial session, so you can partake in the classes and find out what BRR is really about.

S30 Studio | 884 Hay St Perth, WA 6000


Fitness training with an RnB and Hip Hop touch? That’s S30 Studio for you!

S30 Studio offers group training and sessions in an underground nightclub setting, so you can vibe through the Reps and Sets while enjoying some carefully curated music to enjoy the entire workout. 

With this, S30 Studio is indeed the most unique training studio you will ever see. With lots of options for memberships and class schedules, S30 Studio can cater to you anytime you want in the week.

Element Pilates | Unit 1, 484 HWY, Victoria Park WA


Focusing on improving your health, happiness, and wellness along with your workouts, Element Pilates has plenty of opportunities to transform your body. 

With a welcoming space and inclusive setting, the gym holds three basic sessions, the Classic, Sweat & Burn, and the Powerhouse. 

The Classic will help you master the foundations of Pilates and fully grasp the fundamental movements to perfect the beginning of your fitness level. With the Sweat & Burn, you’ll get your heart racing as you get a full-body workout in time with some of some spirited and vibing music. This high energy class is perfect to tone your body and sculpt your best assets. 

Element Pilates’ signature session of implementing complex exercises at a faster pace is what is known as the Powerhouse. This class is designed to test stability, speed, and coordination. If you’re looking to work beyond your comfort zone, Powerhouse is the session to engage with.

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