Heads Up, It’s the First-Ever Cocktail Festival in Perth!

Mates, the most-awaited Cocktail Festival is finally here! 

Brace yourselves for a three-day intoxicating adventure happening in Perth for the first time ever. This February, Crown Parklands is set to ignite with the biggest gathering of mixology extraordinaires bringing the town to a huge weekend booze extravaganza. 

Running from February 26 to 27, and 28, the three-day cocktail festival will be showcasing the world’s best cocktail concoctions, some boozy masterclass, and tons of festival attractions.

Across the weekend, expect the drinks to pour down from leading cocktail bars offering different party and spirit experiences. You could also sample some Classic Old-World cocktail trip with Bar Lafayette, or some summer feel cocktail festival with the Neon Palms. Mosey down the venue and get yourself some Japanese liquor treats, Martini, Tequila, and even some fine gin from the UK and Europe swankiest bars.

There will also be a Tiki playground with tropical rum cocktails to be shot while some reggaeton DJs take their hits. Karaoke Bars will be open for you to belt out. To continue with the night, the Silent Disco will also be a pretty good seal. 

The event will hold four sessions starting from 5 PM, Friday, 11 AM & 5 PM, Saturday, and 3 PM on the last day. Tickets will be available on three releases with the first one now sold out. VIP tickets will give express entry, premium tent, Pamper Partner, VIP Bar, host, and complimentary canapes. To book your ticket, click here: https://www.ticketmaster.com.au/venueartist/304446/2770127 


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