Party Heights: Perth’s Top Rooftop Bars

Nightlife with a view? Why not? 

Rooftop Bars have long dominated the type of bars to go to for a late-night escapade and party spree. And that’s not surprising—who wouldn’t want a 360° panoramic view of Perth City skyline at night? It’s the perfect vista for a fine night ending a long busy day.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a list for you to elevate your drinking experience. 

The Reveley Bar | Henry’s Rooftop | Riverside Dr, Perth, WA, Australia 6000

Overlooking both the city and the Swan River, Henry’s Rooftop is indeed the most scenic after-work cocktail destination you could ever go to. Sitting on the top level of The Reveley, this sky-high paradise will give you a fast-paced yet serene atmosphere, amplified by the breathtaking sky view of the city and the Swan River below. 

At its sleek bar, you’ll also get to treat yourself to an enticing Rooftop Menu with a long list of bites, pizza, house creations, giant cocktails, wine, and spirit drinks. While sipping or munching through these delights, you could drift away with some feel-good live sax music in the background, sealing off your night with serenading melodies. 

QT Hotel | Rooftop at QT | 133 Murray Street

Still with the amazing view of the famous Swan River, QT Hotel has what is called ‘the golden edge of possibility.” Indeed, with this boutique luxury hotel, you’ll be up to limitless possibilities- with its rooftop pitch, 18th floor above, a spectacular sky-high. 

Soak in a sweeping view of the Perth skyline atop the QT Hotel and be hypnotized by the sundowner at golden hour. At night, the Rooftop at QT will continue to fix your gaze above the clouds for those starry nights reflecting the city lights below. 

Prince Lane | 356 Murray St Perth, WA, Australia 6000

Let glamour, relaxation, and refreshment collide. 

Nestled on the highest level of Prince Lane is their open-air rooftop bar offering a chic inner-city destination for your parties, events, and music venue needs. Packed with patrons at almost any time, Prince Lane Perth is indeed the default go-to for a cosmic high party experience. 

Aside from the function space, the rooftop bar also serves a delicious menu with many options of cocktails, wines, and refreshing beers for you to choose from. 

Sundowners | The Aviary | Level 1, 140 William St, Perth WA 6000

Rooftop oasis—that’s how we’d describe Sundowners at The Aviary. With timber decking, lush trees and greens, and relaxed furnishings, The Aviary is indeed an Eden at the heart of the metro.

With its iconic open-air rooftop, you’ll get to bask in the city skyline views while sipping on refreshing cocktails, beers, and wines. Grab yourself some bites in a long grazing affair, too, with the bars menu of tasty classics.

Bob’s Bar  | Print Hall | Brookfield Place, 125 St Georges TCE, Perth WA 6000

A whole afternoon could be quite a drag and drain. That’s why it’s always a good thing to know that on top of the newspaper lined staircase at Print Hall, you can always take a load off at its emblematic rooftop bar. 

At Bob’s Bar, you’ll be delighted by the expansive cityscape of the Perth CBD while relaxing at the deck, drink in hand. The tap is filled to the brim with Perth’s best brews and drinks, which you can always sample too! 

To silence your stomach, the menu consists of tasty bar snacks including Pork and Apple Sausage Rolls, Steak Burger Sliders, and of course, the expertly crafted Charcuterie board. 

Hello Rooftop Bar The Rechabite | 224 William St, Northbridge WA 6003

Perched on top of the multi-level space of The Rechabite, Hello Rooftop Bar is a cultural destination passing the ruins of a century-old heritage hall downstairs.

Standing out against the classic and vintage location, the bar radiates a rooftop experience to keep you ‘vibing’ with modern music, food, and drinks ambiance. Different brews and wines, as well as sparkles and spirits, are always on offer. 

Hi-Line Rooftop | Crown Perth | Great Eastern Highway, Burswood Perth, WA, Australia 6100

It’s the Crown’s first pop-up rooftop bar.

Just like the first two on this list, Perth’s integrated resort is also gracing the banks of the Swan River. On top of the 24-hour Casino, hotels, restaurants, and clubs, the Crown also opened HI-LINE bar for you to enjoy a spacious outdoor terrace. 

Popcorn Espresso Martini, Pineapple Rum Daiquiri, and HI-LINE Spritz are just some of the classic cocktails served with a twist at this rooftop bar. You can also try Unconditional Love, Tres Muertes, and Straight Outta Tokyo, if you seek a unique fruity flavor to your cocktail.

Sweetwater Rooftop Bar |  Level 6, 1 Silas Street, East Fremantle

Sweetwater Rooftop Bar lets you discover two rooftop experiences in just one location. 

With the Garden Terrace cloaked with green foliage lining, you can admire views over East Fremantle. On the other side, the Sunset Terrace offers a stunning perspective across Fremantle Port.

With its name formerly used as a code word for alcohol, your Sweetwater Rooftop experience won’t be complete without thirst-quenching cocktails and punchy sips. While you’re casually sitting in the sunny, green-filled rooftop bar, Sweetwater’s head chef will be whipping Asian-inspired share plates behind the kitchen. 

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