The Shorehouse (Swanbourne)


On a dreamy slice of coastal paradise in Swanbourne is where you’ll find The Shorehouse. As the days are getting longer, warmer and better, this is exactly where you’ll want to spend your breakfast, lunch or dinner – or drink their entire cocktail list (can’t stop me at one)! The Shorehouse is the perfect location to get the girl’s together, have that gorgeous date, have a family/group celebration or even a gorgeous wedding. Find a seat underneath their iconic umbrellas or shelter inside, have a bite to eat, grab a drink, then kick back and relax.

The Shorehouse has such a cool cocktail list that screams funky fresh! They’ve fancied up the ordinary Gin Tonica’s, Coolers and cocktails with complex flavours, techniques and trimmings. A fan favourite is by far the ‘Frosty Fruit Granita’ which legitimately tastes like the mature version of a frosty fruit icy pole! Then, drink too many ‘Stranger Things’ and you’ll end up in The Upside Down #iykyk. The ‘Shorehouse Cooler’ is full of sugar and spice and all things very alcoholic (and nice)! The list goes on, but I’ve gotta stop somewhere…

We’ve never had a bad experience at The Shorehouse – it honestly delivers every time. There’s something about the cool, calm and collected vibe by the ocean. It’s fun to be able to dress-up nicely but still relax at the same time! Drinks cannot be faulted and food follows closely behind. We’ve experienced long wait times to be seated and served, but staff have been very friendly once finally tended too. And a hot tip: to avoid disappointment, don’t forget to book in advance because this place is pumping and you will not get a walk-in seat.

We’ve never been so sure about The Shorehouse!

Two Girls and a Bar


Opening Hours
Mon – Sun 7am till late

278 Marine Parade Swanbourne
Phone: 9286 4050

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