The Island at Elizabeth Quay (Perth City)


In the heart of Elizabeth Quay you’ll find The Island. Serving up late brunch, lunch and dinner as you overlook the gorgeous Swan River and City of Perth, it truly is a sight to see. With your choice of the Brew House, Brew Garden, Pizzeria or Kiosk, you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy! Don’t forget the playground for the adults…I mean kids.

As a brewhouse, The Little Island Brewing Co offers a great selection of beer. Other than the brewski’s, they have a selection of cocktails, beer cocktails (you heard me) and Gin Tonica’s. To be honest, the jury is out on the beer cocktail – it’s like ‘we want a beer but make it fancy’ so the ‘Sour Skittle’ tried to turn my head, but I’m not convinced. Not sure if the ‘MAC and Ginger’ was a cocktail so much as a mixer, but quite refreshing on a summer’s day.

We’ve only attended during the daytime, so are unable to comment on the evening but The Island is definitely a relaxing place to chill out on a warm Perth day. There’s a little bit of background music during the day, with some live music on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. We’ve heard there is a DJ in the evenings, so that would be something to check out. The service was ok, although it took us a while to get drinks. The cocktail list had more mixers and Spritzes, nothing fancy or outstanding. Maybe we didn’t make the right decisions when it came to drinks, however still think there is room for improvement with the cocktail list.

With a more impressive cocktail list, this may be a more pleasurable experience – but if you love beer, you’re in luck!

Two Girls and a Bar


Opening Hours
Mon – Thurs 11.30am – 9pm
Fri 11.30am – 10pm
Sat 11am – 10pm
Sun 11am – 9pm

Elizabeth Quay 1 Valdura Place Perth 6000
Phone: 0427 463 007

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