The Arbor (Fremantle)


The Arbor is one of many spaces in The Old Synagogue complex, located in the heart of Fremantle. Staying true to the Freo vibe, The Arbor is host to a very hip and cool drinking garden (now doesn’t that sound damn lush and wholesome?). With 3 levels of absolute fun, you’ve got:

  1. A small platform upstairs with a cheeky view of Fremantle Oval and Fremantle itself,
  2. Plenty of space to eat and drink on the ground level, whilst enjoying the glorious live music and sun and,
  3. The naughty corner downstairs which turns into an epic dance floor later in the evening. (Absolutely no encouragement needed here to make it to the naughty corner!)

At The Arbor, sharing is caring and there are so many options for your cocktail JUG – from various types of Spritz’s to Gintonica’s to Pimm’s, it’s all value for money. But if you’re a little bit selfish (like one of us hehe) and want a drink for yourself, you can even order it by the glass too – or heck have the whole jug to yourself (work smarter not harder)! Their signature cocktail list is small but delicious and always delivers. We’re a huge fan of the ‘Bramble High Ball’ (a berry good time) and the ‘Peach Bellini’ (because Prosecco is great, but the peach emoji is even better and it’s also relatively cheap). We also had a glorious afternoon in the sun, sipping on our ‘Aperol Spritz’ and ‘Spritz Hugo’ – You love a spritz, we love a spritz, everyone loves a spritz!


We had a progressively ripper time at The Arbor. Starting in the early afternoon, we thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the open-air, sipping our cocktails, as we listened to the live music on offer. As the afternoon progressed into the evening, we headed downstairs for a boogie to all our favourite current and old tunes. A great young and fun crowd, all down for a good time. Nothing fancy with the cocktails, but a good list done well. Nothing to write home about with the service; it’s quite a busy and pumping place, so the wait time for drink’s was longer than ideal and the team were just going through the motions. The line to get in is also a force to be reckoned with!

But it’s a one stop shop, they’ve got it all and we’ll be back!


Two Girls and a Bar


Opening Hours
Mon – Sun 11.30am till late
92 South Terrace Fremantle 6160
Phone: 6370 4433

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