Si Paradiso (Highgate)


Let’s get this party starrrrrrteeeeed! As a member of the Beaufort St renaissance, Si Paradiso is bringing the fire in Highgate. With amphitheatre-like seating down to the dancefloor, where you can whip out your best moves (or cut some shapes, as the young one’s say). There’s a laid-back eatery offering small plates and pizzas, a DJ or live music playing on the outdoor stage, plenty of space to drink, and our favourite part…a secret door to the downstairs bar – but good luck finding it! Weekends are always a hoot and their Sunday sesh is a crowd favourite, so what are you waiting for?

Si Paradiso has a cocktail list of beautifully complex flavour combinations. The originality of the cocktails makes it so much more fun and exciting! Now I ain’t sayin’ she a ‘Gold Digger’ (don’t lie, we’re all out here digging) was our favourite! Then we had the ‘Paper Plane’ (I’ll get one done in a second if you wait) and the old lady ‘Mary Pickford’ which gave us the Dutch courage we needed!

We had a fantastic night at Si Paradiso! The vibe was absolutely electric and all the people around us were having such a great time. Everyone was on the dance floor, the music was pumping and it was a perfect Saturday evening for dancing under the stars. Unfortunately, with such a busy venue comes the extremely long wait for drinks (worst catch 22 ever). We advise to buy multiple at a time because it took us a longggg time to get our drinks and the service was nothing to write home about. But nevertheless, a great evening spent!

It’s a big ‘Si’ from us!

Two Girls and a Bar


Opening Hours
Wed, Thurs 5pm – 11pm
Fri 4pm – 1am
Sat 12pm – 1am
Sun 12pm – 10pm

1/446 Beaufort St Highgate 6003

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