Let’s go for a Dip this Weekend! Try out these Perth Water Adventures 

Summer isn’t Summer without a refreshing dip to cool down after a hot, sunny afternoon. And to level up the experience, Perth always has the best deals for you. 

Known for our stunning beaches and waterways perfect either for kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling or even for just a good ole’ swim. Here’s a list of clubs and centres to enjoy the best splashy thrills Perth has to offer. 

Image Dive and Charters | Southside Drive, Perth, WA, Australia 

For most weekdays and for every weekend, diving is scheduled here at Image Dive & Charters, a scuba diving centre operating from Hillarys Boat Harbour and specializing in diving activities around Rottnest Island — a must-see destination teeming with caverns, swim-throughs, and shipwrecks scuttled to the west of the island. 

If you’re not keen on Rottnest, or you’ve already ticked it off, you can also tour Marmion Marine Park, Abrolhos Island,  and Key Biscane, three destinations known for the recreational, wreck, and technical diving. 

While here, you can also enroll at their PADI Open Water, Advanced, Wreck, Nitrox, and closed-circuit rebreather certification courses.

Ammo Jetty Club Dive | Oceano Dive Centre | 3/264 Pinjarra Rd 6065

Just 40 minutes from Perth CBD, you’ll find Ammo Jetty, a diving destination usually frequented in the trips and dive tours of Oceano Dive Centre. This local dive centre also has shops in Mandurah and Wangara and is offering dive training at all levels, whether you’re a beginner or a budding professional.

If you are interested in diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, and water in general, you can join their large dive club for free.

Cliff and Caves Kayak Tour |  GoGo Active Tours

You can use bikes to see Perth’s well-known highlights around the city. But to see its edges and more difficult locations, GoGo Active Tours are ready to give you not just bike tours, but also a quick Kayaking around the cliffs and caves in the city.

Escorted by local guides, you can investigate magnificent limestone formations found inside the caves and cliffs in East Fremantle. Paddling out into Bicton Bay or Canning River, you’ll also get to see the wonders of the clear water before you sip on complimentary drinks upon your return to land.

Snorkeling at Hillary’s Reef MAAC Club |  Perth Ocean Diving

Enjoy it all this diving season- swimming through the magnificent sight of reefs and corals, sea lions, stingrays, and if you’re lucky, pods of dolphins. 

Perth Ocean Diving is set to let you experience this magic underwater through its dive trips to Rottnest island and Dunsborough every Saturday and Sunday. In a small group of 3-8, you can explore the marine life from the surface through their snorkeling activities. 

Sunset Fremantle Thrill Ride | West Coast Jet

Weta is Betta! If that is your definition of fun, then Westcoast Thrill ride is a perfect match for you. 

Get the adrenaline pumping as you brave through their OPEN OCEAN high-speed maneuvers including 270-degree spins, power stops, fishtails, wave surfing, and slide outs. There are also twin 440hp turbo-charged diesel engines paired with the indestructible Hamilton Jet, so hold on for this one. 

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