Introducing The Red Room – WA’s Newest Late-Night Venue

Your fave Leedy local just scored an epic late-night venue set to level up Perth’s entertainment scene.

The Red Room is WA’s newest late-night venue. Set to be the new home of entertainment, leveraging local talent and paving the path for artists, performers and promoters to showcase their concepts.

This Leedy late-night escape, featuring everything from burlesque shows to a weekly comedy club is a place to escape the mundane and dive into the melting pot of dance and culture.

The Red Room will not be open for general trade, but used both sporadically and regularly for events and functions either private or ticketed.

Some of the events on the current program include a weekly comedy club, Latin dance classes and monthly burlesque shows.

If you’re looking to level up your late-night game and escape to a venue where no two nights are the same, then The Red Room is the perfect place.

For more info, visit The Red Room website or Instagram.


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