The WA Consignment Boutique Combining Style & Sustainability

From Passion Project to Fashion Destination, Dee Black Boutique is combining style and sustainable fashion in the heart of Applecross!

They say that if you truly love what you do, it won’t feel like work at all. This sentiment perfectly encapsulates the story of Dee Black Boutique, which has blossomed from a personal passion into one of Perth’s most sought-after fashion destinations. Founded by Damira Banaszak, affectionately known as “Dee,” this boutique has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Nestled in the vibrant Applecross Village, Dee Black Consignment Boutique has become a beacon of style and sophistication.

Since its establishment, Dee Black Boutique has consistently received consignment drops of fabulous fashion pieces, leading to its steady growth year after year. From Sass & Bide to Chanel, the boutique carefully curates a collection of renowned brands. Dee’s discerning eye ensures that only items of high demand and exceptional quality are accepted on consignment. While the desirability of brands plays a significant role in the selection process, the condition of each item is of utmost importance.

Dee Black Boutique serves as a haven for discerning shoppers, providing a wide array of Australian and international designer brands. The boutique offers high-end fashion complemented by exceptional customer service. For those unable to visit the store in person, Dee Black Boutique has an online presence to cater to their needs.

Sustainable fashion has become a hot topic is recent years within the industry with leaders calling out brands to actively work towards becoming more sustainable. Consignment boutiques are just one of the many ways consumers and industry leaders can work towards becoming a more sustainable practice. Dee Black Boutique are combining passion, style and sustainability to ensure pre-loved clothing is the way of the future!


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