Henry Summer (Northbridge)


A tropical holiday destination smack bang in the middle of Northbridge – I mean I don’t know about you, but it’s been one of the best holidays I’ve had in the last 12 months! Henry Summer gives that urban jungle vibe with lots of greenery, bamboo and fresh whites. We can confirm that they can host a god damn great event or function, including ‘Sip Sip Rose’ and ‘Winter Wine Down’. They have a very youthful, party vibe taking you all the way through from day to night. The outdoor area is perfect for a laid-back afternoon in the sun, with nice beats and a drink in hand *chef’s kiss*. But as the time goes on and we start to get serious and take it down back, where the DJ is dropping some absolute bangers until late.

Henry Summer have a fantastically diverse specialty cocktail list and love to serve a jug or four. Not extremely fancy (except the cute little kiss on the ‘Coco Martini’), but always executed perfectly. I’d like to extend a special mention to the team for getting someone (one of us!) who has a great distaste for tequila, completely and utterly obsessed with the ‘Pineapple Pop’ cocktail! We also have a soft spot for the ‘Lola Spritz’ (she’s cheap and cute) and ‘Summer’s Sidecar’ (the only side bitch we’re ok with). Can you tell we love a cocktail here?

Henry Summer will definitely offer you a warm welcome into the fun house. It’s always super busy and buzzing with so much fun, music and laughter! However, busy comes with the impossible line to get in and then inside for drinks – so if you’re thinking of going, get in early and maybe buy a jug or ten…or prepare to wait. Staff are always very friendly and have a great energy about them, so no complaints here.

They say season’s change, but in here it’s always Summer…and they’ve brought the heat!


Two Girls and a Bar


Opening Hours
Wed,Thurs & Sun 12pm – 10pm
Fri & Sat 12pm – 2am

69 Aberdeen St Northbridge Email: events@lavishhabits.com.au

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