Catch Up with Perth’s Bar Genius, Clint Nolan

Only the great can make even the subtlest potential a genius creation. Thus was the brilliance of Clint Nolan, who turned Perth into a bustling place of exuberance and nightlife, when he founded Lavish Habits and some of the most sought-after venues in Perth. 

Henry Summer, Sneaky Tony’s, La Cholita, Alabama Song, and Joe’s Juice Joint — surely, your Perth experience will never be complete if you’ve never been to these classic joints in the city. Visiting the said venues after a long tiring week from work, or even just dropping by the city for an en-route adventure means transporting to yet another place and time in the world; each venue is unique to each other, offering a different taste, a different vibe and a whole package of experience.


La Cholita

Perhaps this type of distinctiveness from each other is what makes each venue perfect to match whatever you’re looking for, either a night getaway or just a Friday night out with friends. If it is a rum and VIP experience in a mysterious speakeasy and prohibition bar, that is the Sneaky Tony’s for you. If it is an authentic Mexican experience packed with Tacos, Tequilas, and Margaritas, the cantina of La Cholita is the perfect taqueria. And if you are bushed of the rooftop party experience and are looking for something new, party at the basement ‘till dawn is what awaits at Joe’s Juice Joint. You can also have a sunny escapade adorned with tropical greens at Henry Summer, a summer venue giving off a Bali vibe and non-pub appeal. Alabama Song can also treat you to a drifting night cradled with country songs, Alabama experience, Whiskeys, and Bourbons. Again, venues for almost everything.

Henry Summer

To arrive on this particular page in his journey is an amazing exploit for the former Chef initially handling kitchen operations, to be finally out there, owning and operating the city’s most featured locations. Such a chapter of his story started from just a casual “chat” with a mate in Vancouver about setting up a venue and owning one in the future. Upon the return to Australia, the next chapters were unfolded, and 15 years later, Clint Nolan is already a celebrated figure in Perth’s Bar Scenes. 

But before Clint got this type of name in Perth, he once envisioned his venues being launched in the other parts of the country, Sydney and Melbourne. This could have resulted in another version of success, but with his current fame now, indeed, it was a perfect decision to go to Perth and take the risk.

For eleven years, Clint handled Harvest in Perth as the Head Chef, together with his business partner, Miles, before he finally went solo and founded his venues, first, in South Fremantle and later on, in Northbridge.

Gaining inspiration from his love for traveling (for an instance, in Mexico), Clint pondered on building unique venues with varying offerings and even thought of starting a Taco place. True to his character of making things to be, he started La Cholita, offering an authentic Mexican experience with Tacos and a cocktail combination that surely became a massive hit in Perth and is still going nuts at the present.

La Cholita

Eventually, his other venues followed as he set up Joe’s Juice Joint, Alabama Song, Sneaky Tony’s, and Henry Summer. 

“They’re all great. They have their own style, their own feel,” Clint proudly shares. “I love setting up the venue and coming up with the ideas and the designing, the drink list, the food – it’s all part of the fun ride for me.”

2020 brought a lot of challenges to Clint’s Bars, but despite this, he was able to keep his business up and running and back on the run. Despite the uncertainties of the coming year of 2021, Clint is set to introduce yet another venue to watch out for and add to his long-running list of successful bar locations, Johnny Fox’s. With this new venue, the bar mogul plans to up the game with loud and local live music to play in the band room.

“Any types of music, anything goes,” he said.

To stand the test of time in running a restaurant or a bar in Perth is an amazing feat that only a few great minds can manage. For Clint, he still has no idea where his business is going to be in the next ten years, but making it over a decade now, Clint is sure headed to the pinnacle of success with new things popping up every time, new offers, new ideas –  “I’m just enjoying the ride,” he ended.



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