Post-Christmas Events for your Christmas Hangover

Christmas Day is past gone. The gifts have long been opened (and the dishes in the rack have long been forgotten 一 I hope not), but if you are still hanging up there, still wanting more, still craving and yearning for that fever of fun, for that thrilling excitement to fully spend the best of the season. Worry not. We got you covered! And lucky you, it is true that the fun is just beginning. 

In today’s list, check on some of the Post-Christmas Events we listed just for you and for your Christmas Hangover. 

Dom Zurzolo Band + Hot Biscuit Band | The Perth Blues Club | 505-509 Charles St Perth, WA, Australia 6006

If some good feel music has a color, it will surely be blue. So, come rain or shine and join The Perth Blues Club this Tuesday, December 29, at the Charles Hotel for some rockin’ night of blues, rock, and everything in between! 

To color the night with the said shade, two of Perth’s finest will be taking over the main stage as Dom Zurzolo Band serenade the night with their latest 13-track instrumental album “Accensa.” They will also be joined by a band of veteran players, The Hot Biscuit Band. Headed by Rick Steele, the band will brush with a mix of blues and some laid-back country-rock. 

Open Mic at The National Hotel | Biggles | The National Hotel

If your plan post-Christmas is to do some entertainment yourself, then this is the best place for you. Come on down at The National Hotel as Biggles presents Open Mic Night this 29th of December. 

Email in advance and join the lineup to lead the crowd to some amazing live music performances. Who knows? Maybe you’ll soon see yourself jiving on the stage with the music of some rising local artists like CJ, Geoff Milburn, Sweet Azz, Fats Moseley, John B, and Wayne Glasson. 

The Offspring + SUM41 | White Sands Balloon & Music Festival |  HBF Stadium

This will not be an ordinary show. Why so? Because it is a huge Double Deal coming from two of the biggest names in the punk rock music industry, and you can see them on stage this Tuesday, December 29 as Sum 41 and The Offspring join forces to bring down the whole HBF Stadium with an all-out acid rock music experience.

Rock on with the Canadian rock band, SUM 41 as they perform their greatest hits in a full-hour set singing Fat Lip, In too Deep, Still Waiting, and latest singles in their undoubtedly heaviest and most aggressive album in their legendary career, Order in Decline. After 16 years since their first headline tour in the country, the band will be back showcasing some of their best rock hits that sold millions of copies and over 1000 shows across the globe and built their indomitable fame throughout the years. 

The Offspring will continue bringing the nostalgic touch of rock music to the crowd with their best-known hits known for their angst and anthemic vibes. Sing on top of your lungs with the American rock band as they belt out what skyrocketed their career in the music scene with their songs Self-Esteem, Come Out and Play, The Kids Aren’t Alright, Original Prankster, You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid, and a lot more. 

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