French Film Festival 22

Vive le cinéma: The Alliance Française French Film Festival teases its 2022 programme

Artistic director Karine Mauris reveals five highlight features from the upcoming French cinematic showcase:  Ode à la Vie, the Alliance Française French Film Festival (AF FFF). Arriving in Perth from 9 March – 6 April 2022, the festival today offers a glimpse into the wild, liberating and deeply seductive line-up for its 33rd season.

Set to feature Cannes highlights, premieres and all the ‘amour’ and drama that has defined one of the world’s largest celebrations of French Cinema.

Five must-see highlights from this year’s programme include:

Opening night: LOST ILLUSIONS

Directed by Xavier Giannoli (Australian premiere)

A young, lower-class poet, is madly in love with the baroness Louise de Bargeton. The risk of scandal forces them to flee to Paris where they hope to live and love freely. Lucien soon finds rejection and loses the baroness’s support. He finds himself alone, penniless, hungry, and humiliated until the day he seeks revenge by writing controversial – yet banal – articles.

Inside the Paris he so coveted, he finds a cynical world where everything – and everyone – can be bought and sold. Can he find his way and remain faithful to his hopes and dreams…?

For the romantics – a celebration of magnetic love:


Directed by Carine Tardieu (Australian premiere)
Carine Tardieu’s eagerly anticipated follow-up to Just to Be Sure, a modern and nuanced romantic drama about a woman who embarks on an affair with a younger man.
Elegant, retired architect Shauna (Ardant) crosses paths with Pierre (Poupaud), a happily married doctor in his 40s, who first made an impression on her in a brief meeting 15 years previously. Both are quite troubled to meet again and begin an affair. While Pierre’s family life is soon turned upside down, Shauna struggles with feelings she thought belonged to the past.


Directed by Régis Roinsard (Australian premiere)
Spirited and eccentric, Waiting for Bojangles is a passionate love story adapted from Olivier Bourdeaut’s international bestselling novel of the same title.

Seen through the eyes of their son, Gary, Camille (Virginie Efira) and Georges (Romain Duris) dance to their favourite song Mr Bojangles in their magnificent Parisian flat. Their love is magical, dazzling, a perpetual party. Camille sets the tone, an unpredictable and extravagant will-o’-the-wisp. One day however, she goes too far, obliging Georges and Gary to go to extreme lengths to avoid the inevitable, at all costs.
Enjoy a whimsical and melancholic tale of un amour fou, bright and tender, an enchanting film with elegant cinematography.

Cannes highlights:


Directed by Samuel Benchetrit
Cast: François Damiens, Vanessa Paradis, Bouli Lanners
Featuring a delicious ensemble cast led by the fabulous François Damiens and Vanessa Paradis, the hilarious new romantic comedy from Samuel Benchetrit is a charmingly-affectionate fable of a disparate group of ordinary people finding love and fulfillment through an unexpected source: the arts. In the port city of Dunkirk, weary crime boss Jeff has a big problem: young punks are muscling in on his turf. But Jeff is distracted: he’s fallen for Roxane, a supermarket cashier he adores from afar. Taking a leaf from the Cyrano playbook, he tries to win her heart by writing love poems, but doesn’t have the courage to deliver them.


Directed by Yohan Manca
In his feature debut, French filmmaker Yohan Manca breaks down the barriers surrounding art
and culture with a touching story of hope, chance and overcoming adversity. La Traviata tells the story of 14-year-old Nour, who dreams of becoming the new Luciano Pavarotti. Between his work and rising tensions at home, Nour dreams of escaping to a faraway place. When he crosses paths with an Opera singer teaching summer classes, he finally finds the opportunity to come out of his shell and explore new horizons.
Avoiding clichés, the filmmaker presents an inspiring slice-of-life film filled with tender, touching moments.

Following last year’s edition, which saw the festival reach record audiences despite the pandemic, the AFFFF will once again present the crème-de-la-crème of contemporary French cinema. The 33rd showcase boasts over 42 feature films, covering a wide spectrum of genres, and several Australian and international premieres. With five directors and many rising-star actors making their feature film debut, the AFFFF continues its commitment to celebrate the next generation of artists creating a new blueprint for French cinema.

Alliance Francaise French Film Festival
9 March- 6 April
Palace Cinemas Raine Square, Windsor, Luna on Sx and Luna Palace Cinemas Leederville.
Tickets on-sale from 3rd February at


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